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The University of Connecticut has recently become home to a new interdisciplinary training program funded by a National Science Foundation IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training) grant. The core idea behind our training program is that the time is ripe to unify research on language in cognitive disciplines (linguistics, psychology, communication disorders) with research in biological domains (behavioral and molecular neuroscience and genetics). Our IGERT training program will provide Ph.D. students from cognitive and biological disciplines with a core of five "Foundations" courses that given them sufficient familiarity with methods, assumptions, theories, and terminology from each participating domain, preparing them to work in collaborative teams who (a) can communicate across conventional disciplinary boundaries and (b) collectively have the sufficient breadth and depth to develop unified biological-cognitive approaches to language development.

Our lab participates in the IGERT, and is conducting several inter-disciplinary projects examining genetic modulation of endophenotypes relevant to language, using mouse models.

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